Brochure bundle: Oftenåsen with the worlds largest garden chair

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The world’s largest garden chair thrones over Steinkjer from the top of the city mountain Oftenåsen, with panoramic views over Steinkjer city and the fjord.

Oftenåsen, situated about 4 km south east of the city centre, is the city mountain and Steinkjer’s highest point with  336 m.a.s.l. Oftenåsen is Steinkjer’s nature haven with a rich network of trails around the mountain..

In this brochure bundle, we include a tour suggestion with a trail description of two of the traisl leading to the top, the brochure of Oftenåsen with an overview map showing the whole network of the various trails and of course our own Innherred guide.

We also recommend the map: Henning – Mokk with Oftenåsen and Båbufjellet

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