The Coast of Helgeland (Helgelandskysten) (National Tourist Routes)

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National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten, which is connected by six ferries, offers a wealth of contrasts as it passes through a verdant cultural land­scape interspersed with craggy peaks, glaciers, sweeping coastlines and swirling ocean currents. Many remarkable natural phenomena are found along this route.


In the south you will pass the peaks of the Seven Sisters and the Torghatten mountain with is chara­c­teristic hole; in the north you can see the Svartisen glacier and the world’s strongest tidal current, the Saltstraumen.

The coast of Helgeland is characterised by a unique archipelago of more than 14 000 islands and islets. Long fjords break up the coastline; innermost in the fjords are indu­strial communi­ties based on hydropower generation. National Tourist Route Helgelandskysten runs from Holm to Godøystraumen with a side road to Torghatten, over a total distance of 433 kilometres (County Road 17). Several roads connect the tourist route to Euroroute 6, making it easy to alternate between them.

Facts: – Exclusive packaging – Unique content – Beautiful and illustrative pictures – Three languages (Norwegian, English and German) – Pictures and information on the map itself – 5 beatiful poscards included – Overview map of Norway. 

The National Tourist Routes by Nordeca includes 18 titles in scales from 1:50 000 to 1: 250 000 and contains spectacular viewpoints, nature, sights, activities, architecture, dining and accommodations.


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